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Clear Unwanted Energies

Restoring Balance

sending ghosts/spirits to the light, doorway


Unwanted Ghosts, Entities or Energies??

 Unwanted Ghosts, Entities, or Energies??

Through the power of Love, and strength of God Energy will be done!!!

Removal of any unwanted Ghosts, Entities, Harmful Energies and Influences, and "THE UNKNOWN" from any location in the world.

How Do You Know If You Have A Ghost, Unbalanced harmful Energy or Entities??

• You feel there is an unseen presence around you, or “something is just not right.” 

• You can see something, a shadow , mist or catch a glimpse out of the corner of your eye, of an unknown presence 

• You get that "cold" or "creepy" feeling or being suddenly awakened at night? 

• Your dog or cat intently looks at something that you can't see, and gets panicky and agitated.

• You can hear voices, knocking or footsteps.

• You feel drained of energy, fatigued, depressed or irritated

• Things move without explanation.

• Unexplained anger, addictions, mood swings, or suicidal thoughts.

  • Have you recently bought a house, property, business, vehicle, boat, motorhome, etc...???
  • Staying in a Hotel, Motel , Cabin or Vacation spot ??
  • House or property under construction?? 

By Clearing these spaces of the residual energies from previous owners or contractors, etc.. (releasing the unbalanced, funky energy and attachments, it can bring in such a re-freshing, light and joyful atmosphere.

The need to clear unwanted ghosts, has been a long standing problem throughout history. 

Ghosts can and do learn to manipulate the environment that they are in. They usually do this to get your attention. It can be a call for help, or a warning. They learn to easily move things, knock, make footsteps, sounds, pester your pets, open & close doors, drawers, enter into our dreams or just be annoying or scary!

They feed & gain strength off of your energy, electrical or battery operated devices, to recharge their energy levels. This can leave you feeling really drained. Some can easily push your buttons, sending you into extreme emotions, giving them a substantial boost in energy.

thinnig the veil crossing over deceased loved ones communication

Ghosts are deceased people who have lost their way, and need help to reconnect with the Light.

Ghosts are mostly harmless, and are frustrated and desperate to be free of the home or location ,including accident scenes) they are STUCK in, who they are STUCK with and who or what may be HOLDING them Earth Bound. They want to get your attention, SOO0 desperately!!

Ghosts experience such joy and happiness at being released, that they usually cry tears of happiness as they are freed. Many times they have held or shook my hand, touched my face or shoulder. It is a very beautiful and emotional time for me too!!

I am blessed to be able to take some as far as the tunnel, usually about 1\4 way in, where Spirit is there waiting for them, along with some family and friends.

On the other hand, some ghosts like it in the home they are in and are reluctant to leave.

IT is NEVER a good idea, to allow a ghost to co-exist with you, friendly or not, they need to be returned home, so that they can complete their life journey/path/mission.. 

There are also ghosts that simply wander from house to house, staying as long as it serves their purpose, and moving on when it doesn't.

Many wandering ghosts are looking for energy sources, often attaching to you to try to manipulate you.

Removing ghosts is usually very straight forward and they rarely, if ever return. I do this remotely anywhere in the World.

dark energies distant clearing cross over

The clearing process will last for 7 days, and a brief report sent to you by e-mail afterwards

Please provide me with address at checkout


[email protected]